Thanks for stopping by!

You are about two hours
away from completing your
NY State Liquor Authority
approved Alcohol Training
and Awareness Program
(ATAP) certification.

This NY alcohol training
course is for people who
work in establishments
who sell alcohol to be
consumed ON-PREMISE
in NY State.

Green Yellow Red NY ATAP
certificates are valid for three
years, and you can always log
in to take a refresher course
free of charge.

To get started right away:
Just click on the
Green Yellow Red NY alcohol
training course page at left,
and download.

The text version is much
faster than the audio
version, since you can
control the pace.

The test questions are
at the end of the course,
and can be answered on
the bottom of the
NY ATAP form.

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Click on the course.

2. Download the course.

3. Take the course.

4. After taking the course:  
   click on the NY ATAP
   certificate page.

5. Download the form (make
   sure you click "enable
   editing" along the top
   of the form).

6. Answer all the questions.

7. Save file as docx format.

8. Submit payment
   (just $24.50 per person).

9. Submit completed
   certificate and test as
   a docx file.

10. You will receive
    on-line verification
    (usually within twenty-
    four hours) which
    you can show to your

11. The paper certificate
     will arrive in the mail
     (usually within a few
     business days).

Thanks again for
taking NY alcohol
training through 
Green Yellow Red,
a NY SLA-approved
NY ATAP provider.