Looking for an alternative to plastic and paper drink straws?

Real Straw is an eco-friendly natural wheat stem drink straw.
Real Straw is great for stirring and sipping hot or cold drinks.

Made from a natural wheat stem, a Real Straw contains less than
20 ppm gluten, so it is considered gluten free. 

Please remember, your Real Straw is for drinking,
and NOT eating or chewing on. (Please keep your
Real Straw away from babies and small children.)

Just a fraction of the cost of a high quality paper straw,
a Real Straw is a budget friendly way to stir and sip responsibly.

It's easy to love a Real Straw.

Order yours today at https://www.realstraw.com/

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Real Straw to bars and restaurants in your area?

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If you are interested, use the Contact Us at https://www.realstraw.com/ to
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