Get your NY SLA ATAP certification
TODAY for just $12.25 per person, or
check our low establishment rate.

NEW!!!  This course can now be completed
    using your phone or tablet (or computer).

Welcome to Green Yellow Red:

The FREE NY State Liquor Authority-approved
Alcohol Training Awareness Program (ATAP)
designed for NY State bartenders by a NY State
bartender with 40 years of bartending experience.

Who should take this course?

The NY SLA recommends that everyone
involved in the sale of alcoholic beverages
complete an ATAP: bartenders, servers, 
barbacks, door people, managers, and
owners in establishments that serve alcohol

Alcohol Training Awareness Programs:

1. you can reduce your chances of liquor liability

2. you can save money on liquor liability insurance

3. you can reduce NY SLA fines

4. YOU can save lives

Because this course offers life saving information,
we present it for free. You may view the course
and test for free anytime.

We only charge for people who want to attain
a certificate, for which we charge $12.25 per person,
or $179.00 per establishment (15- 25 people),
$250.00 for large establishments (26-50 people)
and live training.

ATAP certificates are valid for three years.

Green Yellow Red submits completed certificates
to the NY SLA, and sends both a paper certificate
and an e-certificate to individuals and/or
establishments who submit payments.

Refresher courses are always available free of charge,
although we do charge for renewal certificates.

When taking the course, the text version is
recommended. It is much faster than the audio version,
since you can control the pace.

To begin, just follow these simple steps:

1. Click on the course.

2. Take the course.

3. Submit payment, $12.25 per person,
    $179.00 per establishment, or $250 for
     large establishment or live training.

4. After taking the course:  click on the Test/ ATAP
   certificate page.

5. Take the test, making sure you scroll down
   and answer all 61 questions. Save the test.
   (Save As: TEST your name).

6. Fill out the ATAP certificate. Save Certificate.
    (Save As: CERT your name).
    Then e-mail the two forms to:
    Subject: ATAP YOUR NAME

   (So you will be sending two forms: the test
   and the ATAP certificate.)

7. You will receive on-line verification
    (usually within twenty- four hours) which
    you can show to your employer.

8. The paper certificate will arrive in the mail
     (usually within a few business days).

   Thanks very much for taking NY ATAP through
   Green Yellow Red, a NY SLA-approved
   ATAP provider.
   And thanks for supporting this NY small business
   person (5' 7 3/4").

   Questions? Please feel free to call or e-mail me.

   Marty Walters

   Green Yellow Red ATAP
   (716) 947-9298  (9am- 6pm EST)
Marty Walters
Professional Bartender
(with very nice hair)