Marty Walters
Professional Bartender

That's me in the videos below, when I had hair.
The first video is making a margarita. The second shows me kicking into second gear on a busy night.

Over forty years of bartending,
at your service.

Thanks for supporting a guy who has had the honor and the pleasure of personally serving over a million nice folks like you!



Click on the link below 
to view my bar resume. 
(It's a partial list.)
Welcome to the very popular
and FREE Green Yellow Red
NY State Liquor Authority-certified
Alcohol Training Awareness Program
(ATAP) and FREE Bartending Course.

Why should you take these courses?

Because the NY SLA recommends that
everyone involved in the sale of alcoholic beverages complete an ATAP:
bartenders, servers, barbacks, door people, managers, and owners in establishments that
serve alcohol ON-PREMISES.

The Bartending Course covers all the
basics, but even experienced pros tell
us they find some useful tidbits in it.

Both the popular Green Yellow Red
ATAP course and the popular Bartending
course are FREE to take, and FREE to
preview, because we feel that
useful information should always be free.

So, unlike other ATAP courses offered
by national chains, we do not need
your credit card or information.

If you take the ATAP course, and then
decide you would like a certificate (which
is valid for three years), we appreciate your business, and charge a small processing
fee of just twenty-five dollars.

We take that fee and spend much of it on
dinners and drinks and over-tipping excellent
NY servers. Because we appreciate you!

To get started now, simply click on the
Green Yellow Red course page in the
website menu at left.

Pause when you feel like it.
Return as often as you like.

The course can be completed 
using your phone, tablet, or computer.
When filling out the test and certificates,
please remember that a device that is
WORD document compatible is required.

Questions? Please feel free to call or e-mail me.

   Marty Walters

   Green Yellow Red ATAP
   (716) 947-9298  (9am- 6pm EST)
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