Bartending takes two hours to learn, and a lifetime to master.

This free bartending video-based course covers all aspects
of bartending: customer service, drink-making, wine opening
and pouring, hygiene, bar etiquette, and many other ingredients
that make a successful bartender. 

The course is a video of a live training session I conducted for
an established catering company that just received their liquor
license. (I conducted a separate ATAP session).

Someone brought
a video camera and captured the presentation.
Although the technical quality of the production is lacking, the
video features valuable content that can help you succeed.
The course is divided into two one-hour segments, so just click
on the links below, or cut and paste in your browser.
Why is it free?

Over thirty years ago, a then fifty-something career bartender
named Buffalo Bob Cranston took me under his wing at the
Buffalo Hilton.

Over the course of a year, Bob showed me how old-time
bartenders practice their craft. Now, I am that old-time bartender.

It is an honor to continue the tradition of passing on good information
to the next generation.  

Please remember the cardinal rules of customer service: smile,
treat others as you wish to be treated, and at all times project
a smiling and positive attitude.

Always be honest, sober, and drug free while working.
Act with integrity, respect your fellow workers, and sell the specials!
Thanks again for choosing Green Yellow Red for your alcohol training needs!
Call me if you are ever opening up or setting up a new bar. I can probably
save you a lot of money by
telling what you need, and don't need.

A fresh set of eyes can help you establish an efficient bar and POS bar menu system. 

Call me 9am to 5pm EST,  or e-mail me, for a free talk.
(716) 947-9298  e-mail:

Bartending Video Links

Part 1:

Part 2:


Below is a banquet bartending video that you can watch to get into the rhythm of drink making in a busy setting.