The course is in two parts: Part 1 is the pdf file.
Part 2 is the video below it. View both parts.

Simply click on the course link below to download
the course (pdf/text only version is quickest to complete,
as you can control the pace). When finished with the
Part 1 pdf, view the Part 2 video.

The audio version is designed for the reading impaired.
If you are taking the audio course, you must also view
the Part 2 video below.

1. Click on the course, using your phone, tablet,
   or computer.

2. Take the course, Part 1 pdf file plus Part 2
    video; or the audio version and also the Part 2

3. If you want a certificate, submit payment
    by clicking on fees and payment
    page on left (unless your employer is paying).

4. Click on the Test/ ATAP certificates page.
5. Complete the test.
    Scroll down and answer all 61 questions.
    (Save As: TEST your name)
    Complete the certificate. SAVE CERTIFICATE.
    (Save As: CERT your name)
    Send them both to:
    Subject: ATAP

6. I will send you a certificate via e-mail, and also
    through the mail (or to your employer if they
    ordered the training). Also, I will send you a handout
    in the form of a pdf file on the important topic of
    detecting and preventing sexual violence.

    If you choose, you may also download that file
    at the bottom of this page.

Thanks for supporting a NY State-based small business!

                     WE APPRECIATE YOU!
PART 2: Sexual Violence Detection and Prevention video below:
Click on the link below to download the handout.