Thanks for taking the course!
Almost done!


PLEASE NOTE: While you can view the course
on any device (phone, ipad, laptop, desktop), you
will find it EASIEST if you complete the test and
certificate on a laptop or desktop, which makes
opening, editing, naming, and saving Word documents
a snap.

If using a phone or ipad to download and edit the test
and certificate, install google docs or another document
viewer/editor that allows you to save, name, and send
Word doc. files. They MUST be sent as Word doc. files.

Please complete the test and certificate below:

(click box at top of page that says "enable editing") 

Complete both documents,.

SAVE TEST (Save As: TEST your name)

SAVE CERT (Save As: CERT your name)

(Remember, no commas or punctuation marks allowed in file names.)

E-mail both documents to :
Please use Subject heading: ATAP and YOUR NAME
                               BELOW IS THE BIG FUN TEST
                             BELOW IS THE SUPER DUPER CERTIFICATE