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PLEASE NOTE: While you can view the course
on any device (phone, ipad, laptop, desktop), you
will find it EASIEST if you complete the test and
certificate on a laptop or desktop, which makes
opening, editing, naming, and saving Word documents
a snap.

If using a phone or ipad to download and edit the test
and certificate, install google docs or another document
viewer/editor that allows you to save, name, and send
Word doc. files. They MUST be sent as Word doc. files.

Please complete the test and certificate below:

(click box at top of page that says "enable editing") 

Complete both documents.
The test has 61 Questions.
Scroll down and answer all of them.
Unless you complete and submit all 61 answers,
NY State will not allow you to earn a certificate.

SAVE TEST (Save As: TEST your name)

SAVE CERT (Save As: CERT your name)

(Remember, no commas or punctuation marks allowed in file names.)

E-mail both documents to :
Please use Subject heading: ATAP and YOUR NAME
                               Please take the TEST by clicking the link below.
                             Please open the CERTIFICATE below (enable editing).